What do Junior Canadian Rangers do?

Junior Canadian Rangers are taught traditional skills, life skills, and Ranger skills. With traditional and life skills included in the curriculum, the community can infuse cultural norms, local language, regional skills, and social needs into the program. It all happens in a fun, friendly and safe environment!

Ranger skills include:

  • applying first aid;
  • volunteering and being a good role model;
  • using small boats, snowmobiles and ATVs;
  • using rifles safely.

Traditional skills can include:

  • hunting and fishing;
  • living on the land;
  • learning about spirituality, language, music and art;
  • discussing customs and traditions with elders.

Life skills can include:

  • living in a healthy way;
  • preventing harassment and abuse;
  • speaking in public;
  • protecting the environment.

Summer Training Opportunities

Summer training is currently offered to Junior Canadian Rangers across Canada. These camps allow deserving Junior Canadian Rangers from a variety of communities to come together for about seven days of diverse training and challenging activities. The emphasis during these sessions is on the practical implementation of skills learned during the year and on having fun in a natural, outdoor setting.

For some Junior Canadian Rangers, going to camp means seeing trees for the first time, or meeting other young Canadians from similar communities but possibly of differing ethnicity and backgrounds. For some, camp marks an opportunity to practice their second language, or to learn and practice traditional skills as well as enhance the Ranger skills that they have been taught at their JCR patrols.

Regardless of what activities and experiences are offered, the success and popularity of these summer sessions is unquestionable.

Travel Opportunities

Junior Canadian Rangers may have the opportunity to visit different parts of the country, to take part in activities, such as the National Marksmanship Championship or through summer training within your own province or territory.  A few JCRs may be selected to travel to Newfoundland or to British Columbia and anywhere in between to take part in National events such as the first poppy or Remembrance Day parades.  Events that may require a visit to Ottawa!

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