Preventing Harassment and Abuse through Successful Education (PHASE)

Junior Canadian Rangers enjoying some down time by the camp fire.

What is PHASE?

PHASE is a program that can be offered to all Junior Canadian Rangers. It is a culturally and geographically-sensitive program that teaches Junior Canadian Rangers about different forms of harassment (personal, racial, sexual, emotional), abuse (physical, sexual, neglect), and appropriate forms of discipline. PHASE also deals with substance, solvent and alcohol abuse, and teenage suicide.

Who developed PHASE?

PHASE was developed by the Department of National Defence in partnership and consultation with several expert organizations, including:

  • A national working group composed of members from seven pilot communities from the Junior Canadian Rangers Program
  • Consulting and Audit Canada
  • Canadian Red Cross – Abuse Prevention Services
  • Canadian Association of Volunteer Bureaus and Centres
  • Secretary of State for Youth and Children
  • Canadian Armed Forces

Who teaches PHASE?

PHASE facilitators are carefully selected and screened by the Junior Canadian Rangers Adult Committee. Many facilitators are Canadian Rangers or respected members of the community such as social workers and local youth protection workers. PHASE facilitators are chosen based on their credibility and trust within the community, and they receive a week of specialized training from professional instructors.

How is PHASE taught?

PHASE is taught using a 51-minute video that is broken down into 11 sections or vignettes, along with games, quizzes and special youth activities. A Sharing Circle is often employed to provide Junior Canadian Rangers with a safe and familiar forum to express themselves and to feel accepted for their experiences, thoughts, feelings and comments.

Why is PHASE training important?

Throughout Canada, harassment and abuse impact many young people, families and communities on a daily basis. It is important that we develop a strategy for dealing with harassment and abuse so that the Junior Canadian Rangers feel safe, protected, and can fully enjoy learning while engaged in JCR activities. PHASE addresses issues surrounding harassment and abuse through community involvement, learning and development. We must work together so that healing, justice, and restoration of healthy human relations are realized in all JCR communities.

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RespectED: Violence and Abuse Prevention programs promote safe and supportive relationships and healthy communities through education and partnerships.

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